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Consequences loom for those pulling ‘destructive’ senior pranks

A tradition that many seniors talk about is senior prank day. While pranks can be funny, they can also go terribly wrong too.

Hamilton to honor veterans through flag fundraiser effort

The high school administration will accept donations from the community to pay for the flags. Donors will be able to honor someone who has served, or is serving, on a plague to be displayed in the high school office..

Lockdowns in Hamilton

On January 23, Hamilton High School had a lockdown drill that took place during 2nd hour.

Despite absences, Hamilton schools have plenty of students to stay open

The many absences in Hamilton High School these past few days have left students and parents wondering if school is going to close.

Tulip Time festival a Holland tradition

Local schools also take part in the Tulip Time festivities, including our very own Hamilton High School.

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