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Tree of Warmth Fundraiser- Off to a good start

Student council is back with The Trees of Warmth Fundraiser, a friendly competition between the staff and students.

Hamilton pep rally ready to pump students up

Hamilton’s homecoming pep rally has been scheduled for 1:53 on the Friday of the homecoming football game

Homecoming parade: A Hamilton tradition

The Homecoming Parade has been a tradition for many years and has been enjoyed by many people.

Homecoming Dance bound to be a hit

Homecoming looks to be action-packed: from today’s Pink Spirit Day through Friday’s dance.

Dress up days meant to fire up students for Homecoming

Don’t be surprised with the with the way the students dress this week.

Is Pinterest the next latest and greatest website?

All you need to know about the new website Pinterest, for those who are out of the loop.

Dance moves to Saturday night

Forget about dancing after the game, you’ll have to find something else to do now that the Homecoming dance has been moved to Saturday night.

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